Why Does Therapy Take So Long? An Expert's Perspective

When it comes to psychotherapy or personal problems, many people become impatient with the process because they want to feel better as soon as possible. But why does therapy take so long to show results? The answer is simple: it took a lifetime to develop the maladaptive behaviors and beliefs that no longer work, and it takes time to dismantle them and create new ones. Although a therapist can help people do this faster than they could alone, it's still an investment of time. Yes, profoundly transformative psychotherapy can be expensive and take years in some cases. It's not uncommon for people to feel discouraged when they start therapy for a specific problem, only to discover deeper and more chronic difficulties.

This is because dysfunctional patterns that take a lifetime to develop are unlikely to change in just a few sessions. The emotional security and trust that make this therapy possible cannot be rushed. People like Jenny, who worry and fear that things will never get better, are not alone. When considering therapy, it's important to explore the variables that influence how long it takes for it to work. These include personal goals, the rate of progress, the therapist's specific treatment style, and environmental circumstances.

In difficult cases related to past trauma, it is crucial that therapists build trust and first develop support systems and healthy coping skills. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a therapeutic method used by therapists like Irwin to efficiently and effectively treat traumatic memories. It forces patients to remember painful events and feelings while the brain's information processing center is activated by rapid eye movements directed by the therapist. It is essential for anyone considering therapy to maintain an open and collaborative relationship with their chosen therapist in order to understand how long the therapeutic treatment is expected to last and when they can expect results. With patience, dedication, and the right therapist, therapy can be an effective way of overcoming difficult issues.

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